Loving you in the Kitchen

You looked up from the checklist and gave me the most adorable smile that said, "I hate you" and "I love you" at the same time. I walked around the cart and wrapped my arms around you. "We're just about done" you said as you looked up at me and smiled. "THANK GOD, finally" I said as i pulled you close and faked a dramatic death on your shoulder. You broke my grip and hit me in the shoulder with the little black notepad, "stop whining, you big baby", "Marines don't whine, you just take FOR-EV-ER" I made sure I over annunciated every syllable. You rolled your eyes and walked past toward the check out lines, making sure you moved your hips in the way you did when you wanted to tease me. The sight of your hips rocking in your orange sundress, drove me crazy. I grabbed the cart and followed you. We finally checked out and I helped you put the groceries into the black suburban. Before I closed the trunk, I lightly brushed my hand across your butt, you quickly shooed it away and looked at me in shock. I just winked and got into the car. The drive home was short, only about five minutes. Once I pulled into the driveway, i grabbed all of the groceries with one hand and smirked at you. You smiled and rolled your eyes again. "Boys".

  As we walked into the house, you immediately walked into the kitchen and started making dinner. I put the groceries in the kitchen on the floor around you, as I headed to the living room to put in the movie we rented a few days ago and start setting the table. After a few minutes you yelled to me that the food would be ready soon. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed your hips. You smiled and continued cooking. I stood behind you kissing the back of your neck, when suddenly, I felt you push your hips back and grind them against me. I quietly laughed and push my hips back into you. You grabbed my hands and broke my grip to turn around. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled as you wrapped your arms around my neck. We stood there kissing passionately, it never ceased to amaze me how we'd been married for three years and your kisses still drove me crazy and gave me butterflies. I reached down and grabbed your butt with one hand and turned off the stove with the other. you looked back and giggled because you knew it was "lovemaking time" as we had jokingly called it from time to time. I grabbed the back of your thighs and lifted you onto the counter. 

  My hands were exploring your body, first gently caressing your face, then your breasts, and finally grabbing your hips and pulling you closer. You let out your first quiet moan of the night. All I could think about was how much I loved you and how bad I wanted you with every fiber of my being. I unbuttoned my pants and you unbuttoned my shirt, We never stopped kissing or even opened our eyes. It was a skill we picked up from the many "lovemaking times" we've had throughout our marriage. Soon it was becoming too much to bare, I needed you...now. I kissed down your neck and down your body as I got down on my knees and lifted up your sundress to reveal the black lace thong you had on. I pulled it off with my teeth, While you instinctively put your legs over my shoulders. I kissed up the inside of your thighs all the way to your knees. You rolled your hips in anticipation. I kissed my way back down your legs and after a slight pause to build suspense, I slid my tongue into you. You gasped and whispered my name. It was all so intoxicating, looking up at you and seeing you bite your lip, hearing your moans and sighs, and seeing you roll your eyes..it was an incredible feeling knowing that I was giving you these intimate and pleasurable feelings. I continued for quite a few minutes, sliding my tongue in and out of you, tracing every letter and symbol I could think of into your clit, occasionally even sliding a finger or two into you. Soon you started moving your hips faster and your moans started becoming louder, I knew you were close. I started licking...and kissing...and sucking as fast as i could, until you grabbed the back of my head and squeezed your legs around me. You let out a muffled scream as you loosely covered your mouth with your hand. Even after you came for me, it wasn't enough. I started going slow again because I knew you were sensitive but after a minute or two i grabbed your thighs and kissed them as I slowly moved them off my shoulders. I kissed my way up your body as I lifted off your dress completely and gently grasped your face to kiss you. "I was naked and so were you", The thought drove me crazy with lust. I picked you up again and carried you to the bedroom. 

  I laid on my back with you on top of me. We continued kissing for a minute or two but this time, YOU stopped it and YOU kissed down my neck and down my body, making sure you kissed every inch on the way down. you looked up at me and gave me the most sensual and lustful look I'd ever seen and then slid the tip of my dick into your mouth. it felt so incredible. As you started to move your head up and down, I closed my eyes and tried to savor every second of it. You went as slow as you could, then pulled it out and licked up the whole length of it, from the base, to the tip. I loved it when you did this to me. The feeling drove me insane, but I didn't want to finish like this so I stopped you and pulled you up on top of me to my lips to continue kissing you. 

  This time, when you were focused on kissing me, I grabbed my dick that was almost so hard it hurt and guided it into you. We both gasped. You felt so good... so warm... so wet, the feelings you gave me were so much greater than I could ever ask for. I pushed my hips up into you and you moaned in my ear with every thrust. We continued in this position for what felt like eternity. But i needed more control, I needed to be on top of you. I rolled us over and pushed deeper and faster, you started moaning louder than you had all day and the mix of the sounds you were making and the feeling of being inside of you, filled me with an almost primal lust. I thrusted into you as fast as I could and you wrapped your legs around me to pull me deeper. At this point we were both so loud, I'm sure the neighbors could hear us. I knew you were getting close again. I was too. I looked into your eyes as your second orgasm rippled through your body. You screamed. It was all too much, I pushed as far into you as I could and began to cum. I groaned as we laid there together. Both exhausted and incoherent. I looked into your eyes and we kissed for what felt like hours. I could live in that moment forever. You looked up at me and we both started laughing, "isn't this supposed to come after dinner?" You joked, as I slowly pulled out of you and grabbed a towel. We cleaned the mess and got dressed into comfortable sweats and finished making dinner together. You spent the rest of the night in my arms watching movies with me. All I could do was thank God for giving me you.








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